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Robert Milby, of Florida, NY has been reading his poetry throughout the Hudson Valley, NY and beyond, since March, 1995.bob

He is the author of 5 poetry chapbooks, 4 of which are currently out of print:   The Foggy Heath (1998), Onion Field Meditations (1999), Meadow of the Ethereal (2002) The Ruin of Camelot (2003).    Robert  has been published in Home Planet News, Riverine(Codhill Press, 2007), Hunger Magazine, Will Work for Peace(Zero Panic Press, 1999), Sensations Magazine, Hudson Valley Poets Fest Anthology, (Century House, 2007) Soul Fountain, Hart, Fertile Ground, Ice Road Poems (Fierce Grace Press,2007) Chronogram, The Hudson Valley Literary Magazine, Metroland, Asbestos, CAPS VOICES: (Calling all Poets Anthology, 2003) OTHER:Albany Poets Magazine, Voices From Here: (Paulinskill Poetry Project, 2009), Water Writes (Codhill Press, 2009),  The Wawayanda Review (Northeast Poetry Center, 2010, 2011/12) Heyday Magazine, Belief Persists (anthology, 2011), Edna magazine.

Currently, he hosts poetry series at Mudd Puddle Café in New Paltz, NY, and Florida Public Library in Florida, NY, and Noble Coffee Roasters in Campbell Hall, NY.                                                                                     

He has hosted 26 poetry series in New York State since September. 1995, and has read onstage over 1,000 times in 6 states.  He was the invited poet at SUNY Oneonta, in March 2003 and SUNY Oswego in April 2009.   Robert is a listed poet with Poets and Writers, Inc.

His spoken word cds are entitled: Revenant Echo (Sonotrope Recordings, 2004) and Underground (APB Productions, 2008).   He also hosted the poetry segments of the annual Summer and Fall Fests at Bertoni Art Gallery's Sculpture Garden, in Sugar Loaf, NY  (10/2001 till 2009)

Each October, since 2003, Robert reads original ghost and gothic poetry with performance artist Carl Welden, who provides atmospheric accompaniment on the Moog Theremin.   The duo, called Theremin Ghosts! is the most unusual and original poetry ensemble ever to haunt the Hudson Valley.

His first book of poetry, Ophelia's Offspring was published in June, 2007 by Foothills Publishing, Kanona, NY.                                                                                  

Robert's most recent chapbook, Crow Weather, was published in August, 2009, by Fierce Grace Press, Pooler, GA.   

Several of his ghost poems appear in collaboration with stories by Hudson Valley Horror Meister, Jason Gehlert, and Tammy Gehlert, in Ghost Prints  Black Bed Sheet Books, October, 2010, Antelope, CA.                                                                     

A 2nd book, Victorian House:  Ghosts and Gothic Poems is pending publication by Foothills Publishing.                                                                         

He wrote for The Delaware and Hudson Canvas( May 2004-2009)

He is a founding member of the Northeast Poetry Center's College of Poetry creative writing workshop series in Warwick, NY, with poets Bill Seaton and Steve Calitri.     Robert is also an instructor and board member of the innovative group, as well as co-editor, with poet Steve Hirsch of the Wawayanda Review, the NPC/CoP's poetry annual.

Robert was voted POET OF THE YEAR by the Times Herald Record's annual BEST OF 2010:  cultural events, places, restaurants, and people round up.  

December, 31st, 2010, and again, in January, 2012, for BEST OF 2011. 

He wrote a column, Poets Comitatus: Dead Poets of the Hudson Valley, (pertaining to renowned poets who'd had a connection to the Hudson Valley, NY) for the quarterly arts and poetry publication, Heyday Magazine of New Paltz, NY.

He is a freelance thinker.


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